Mini cooper alloy wheel colour change

These alloy wheels are being recoloured to gloss black.

  • mini cooper with resprayed wheels fitted
  • mini wheels sprayed and ready to refit.
  • premiered and ready for colour change
  • ready to be sprayed
  • mini wheels repair & colour change

Job Description

Alloy wheel colour change.

Alloy wheel colour change has become the latest trend to change your cars appearance, by having the alloy wheels repainted to another colour.  SH Bodyworks was asked to transform this mini coopers’ alloy wheels to gloss black.

We think this was a good choice for this car as it sets the car off with a high contrast look and really makes the bodywork stand out.

SH Bodyworks can accommodate for any colour, the most popular colours are:


  • Black Alloy Wheels
  • Anthracite Alloy Wheels
  • Gunmetal alloy wheels
  • Gold alloy wheels
  • White alloy wheels


PIf you would like to find out more about this service then please do give us a call.


Projects Details

  • Removed wheels from car
  • Removed all dirt and grease from alloys
  • Inspected alloys for damage and repaired
  • Prepped wheels ready spraying
  • Sprayed the alloys and left to dry
  • Once dried refitted these back onto the car
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