Full car body repaint including engine bay, boot and interior.

Ford Capri Mk3 full car body repaint

  • capri sprayed and engin fitted
  • Capri mk3 to be resprayed
  • Capri ready for engine to be removed
  • Removal of capri engine
  • Rusted parts of the ford capri
  • Rust damage
  • Engine bay primed and ready for spraying
  • Capri mk3 respray

Job Description

Full Car Body Repaint

This Ford Capri was fully stripped including removing the engine, sunroof, seats, carpet and headlining in preparation of its Full Car Body Repaint.

We inspected the whole car from top to bottom and welded where necessary.  Once we had double checked we had found all damaged areas and repaired them, we then started preparing the shell and panels for painting.

After all panels and the shell where finished and fully dried we started the rebuilding process: refitting the carpet, headlining, seats and engine. Each part we removed had be fully cleaned and checked for defects before the rebuild.

After all items had been fitted and the car had been polished inside and out, we could see how beautiful it was.

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Projects Details

  • Car parts and panels removed
  • Interior Removed
  • Sunroof Removed
  • Engine taken out
  • Car body and frame checked for damage
  • All rusted and damage parts repaired
  • Body and panels prepared for spraying
  • Respray done all parts and engine put back
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