Mini cooper alloy wheel colour change

These alloy wheels are being recoloured to gloss black.

Mini cooper alloy wheel colour change

These alloy wheels are being recoloured to gloss black.
Alloy wheel colour change.

Alloy wheel colour change has become the latest trend to change your cars appearance, by having the alloy wheels repainted to another colour.  SH Bodyworks was asked to transform this mini coopers’ alloy wheels to gloss black.

We think this was a good choice for this car as it sets the car off with a high contrast look and really makes the bodywork stand out.

SH Bodyworks can accommodate for any colour, the most popular colours are:


  • Black Alloy Wheels
  • Anthracite Alloy Wheels
  • Gunmetal alloy wheels
  • Gold alloy wheels
  • White alloy wheels


PIf you would like to find out more about this service then please do give us a call.


Audi alloy wheel refurbishment and colour change

removed scuffs and repainted this Audi's Alloy wheels

This customer approached us requiring their alloy wheels refurbished and the colour changing to gloss black.

We started by removing all the scuffs and scratches from these alloys, straightening any dents, then prepared all the alloy wheels for spraying.  We also changed the colour of the break calipers to red to really make the gloss black alloys stand out.

This type of customised paint job is a good and simple way to make your car stand out from the rest.  If you are interested or require your alloy wheel(s) repaired or re-coloured, please give us a call or use our form to send us your requirements and we will give you a free no obligation quote.


Car Restoration

This car had the works - a complete car restoration


1968 MK2 Jaguar full car restoration from wheels to roof.

This car was fully stripped to its bare shell and new panels fitted, plates added to holes and welded.

It was then filled and prepped ready for paint. After that it was rebuilt, bringing it up to its former glory.

This job was done over eight years ago now.  The images you see had been taken for this site on 2nd of July 2015.   I think you will agree that eight years on from when this restoration was complete, it still looks amazing.

If you would like to find out about our car restoration service or any of our other services please do get in touch.

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