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Proud members of the NBRA

Once again passed inspection with flying colours.

SH Bodyworks are proud members of the NBRA and have once again passed inspection with flying colours.

Our car body repair team work diligently to a strict code set by the National Body Repair Association.

Adhering to this code enables SH Bodyworks to deliver the best possible service to our customers, and the result can be seen via our customer feedback.

Our team pride themselves on being one of the highest-rated car and light commercial repair companies in our area according to our google, facebook and yell and Thompson feedback, not forgetting that we are voted as one of the top three repair centres on for the third year.

We would like to thank all of the customers that have put their trust in us when making their choice of car body repair centre.

Visit us today to find out more about us or give us a call on 01268 816045.


MOT tests will be changing

New MOT rules are you ready?
MOT tests are changing


Mechanical Services

New research suggest a large number of motorists in the UK are unclear on what is changing and how it will affect them.

MOT tests are changing, these changes will come into force on the 20th May, they will change the way faults are categorised, to make UK roads safer.

new research shows that only 30% of drivers on the road understand these new MOT rules.

MOT tests will now be split into three categories to grade faults by severity – Minor, Major and Dangerous, the last two resulting in a fail.


Information on the DVSA website explains:

Dangerous – Fail

-A direct and immediate risk to road safety or has a serious impact on the environment.

-Do not drive the vehicle until it’s been repaired.

Major [...]

Audi car body repairs

We are able to repair all makes and models of Audi.
Audi repairsAudi repairs.

Are you looking for Audi car body repairs?

We can cater for all models the Audi manufacturer, we use genuine Audi parts when repairing your vehicle.

We specialise in all aspects of paint repair, repairing scratched and dented panels, bumpers, spoilers as well as alloy wheel refurbishment we could go on forever listing every component.

We use the latest in technology to quote the cost of repair, this gives us an accurate repair cost and minimalises the chance of any unwanted extra cost on the repair bill, we do not use guesswork to quote your repair as some others might.

audi- epairs in exxesThe team at [...]

Merry Christmas from SH Bodyworks

and wishing you a happy new year.
Merry Christmas from your local body shop
Christmas Greetings from all the team at SH Bodyworks.


We would like to wish all our customers and staff a Merry Christmas also a happy new year. Furthermore a big thank you to our employees for all their hard work throughout this year, and to our customers who have entrusted us to take care of their vehicles repairs.

We have seen some amazing cars come through our doors through 2016, not only for accidental damage repair also for re-paint / re-spray or colour change, body kit upgrades and modification, wheel repairs the list goes on, you can find details and images of work we have carried out on or portfolio page.

What’s in store for 2017?

We are looking forward to 2017 and what it has to bring.

Our aim for the upcoming year is to bring once more the best price and truly first class car and van body repairs to the Essex area, surpassing our competition, [...]

white-car-body-repair-and-paintPanel repair @ S H Bodyworks Basildon Essex


This car came to us with significant damage to the driver’s side of the vehicle, not only was there damage to the driver’s door but also to the inside and underside of the door frame.

As well as this car’s door and the frame having a dent in, it was also severely scratched, scuffed and buckled.

This vehicle had a full inspection by to one of our estimators, and an estimate was given to the customer, as well as being sent over to the client’s insurance company for authorisation.

Once we were given the go-ahead by the owner’s insurance company, the car was processed ready for repairs to commence, and the repair process began.

We stripped the car ready for the panel department. [...]

VBRA approved Vehicle Builders and Repairer Centre.

SH Bodyworks proud to be a VBRA approved Bodyworks company

We are a bra registered bodyworks and accident repair company VBRA approved SH Bodyworks have been approved by the Vehicle Builders and Repairers Association (VBRA). We are extremely proud of this and feel it sets us apart from other bodyworks & repair centres who do not hold this approval.   What this means for our customers   Our current and future customers can rest assured that SH Bodyworks have the knowledge and best practices in place to repair their car, van or light commercial vehicle to its original specification.   Who are the VBRA?   VBRA are a trade association ensuring high standards among vehicle builders, car body repairers and vehicle builders for more information on the vehicle builders and repairers Association; please visit them  VBRA.   Going forward SH Bodyworks strive to better serve our customers; not only with [...]

Are the brakes on your vehicle squealing or noisy when used?

Have you noticed or feel like your stopping distance has increased?
It may be time to get your brakes checked.

Brake system

Your brakes are one of essential systems on your vehicle.

No matter what you use your car for, your braking system should give you the means to take on any journeys in the utmost safety.

When problems with your braking system become apparent, diagnosing the problem and getting it fixed so you can return to the road is not an easy fix. Like most parts of a vehicle the brakes are in constantly and need to be maintained on a regular basis and can be checked by one of our mechanics free of charge. Do not leave your brakes and brake [...]

Clutch need changing?

Here are four signs to lookout for.

clutch system

The clutch is an essential part of your vehicle’s gearbox, it’s the first stage of the transmission system.


Recognising when your it’s is at the end of its life is difficult without the right knowledge.

We would like to point out some of the signs to look for.

Burning smell

When you change gear you may notice a burning smell, which could be an indication that your clutch is slipping.

Slipping is particularly common due to the wear that naturally occurs between the disc and the flywheel.


You may notice a rattling sound when the clutch is not in use, with the sound increasing as the peddle is engages.

Getting in gear

When changing gear it should be smooth and take like effort, however, when your clutch is on [...]

Experienced Mechanics

Are you looking for a reliable mechanic / garage or car body repair shop?
Qualified & Experienced Mechanics

Flyer side b mechanic

If you are looking for experienced & qualified mechanics, you can rely on us

At SH Bodyworks our qualified mechanics will always give you an accurate estimate on your repairs.

We use the latest audatex estimating system to work our the cost of your car body repairs; this system will also give our customer a full breakdown of the work that will need to be carried out when repairing his or her car van or light commercial vehicle.

Need a mechanic?  No problem our qualified & experienced technicians are here to help in any situation from an oil and filter change to a clutch replacement.

If you would like to find out more [...]

Car engine – keeping it healthy is not a big deal.

Car engine - SH Bodyworks & Mechanical Services
car engineCar engine maintenance


Did you know just keeping the oil and oil filter changed on your vehicle each year will keep your engine running for longer, giving you extra years, miles and enjoyment from your car?


Changing your car engine oil and filter each year can stop a lot of engine problems and high repair costs later down the road compared to the expense of this straightforward and affordable car maintenance.


In most cases if you would like a mechanic to complete this service for you, you can wait for your vehicle at the Repair Centre as this type of maintenance can be completed while you wait.


SH Bodyworks can book you in for a quick look over your vehicle to check your oil, brakes and general wear & tear making sure that [...]

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