How to find us

Are you are strugling to find our premisis

Having trouble finding our repair centre? We will help you find us

We do seem to be hidden away off the beaten track, so here is the easiest way to find our repair centre.

The easiest way to find us is to use the maps feature built into your mobile phone, you can do this by opening our website on your mobile device and clicking on the find us button, or simply by typing SH Bodyworks into your satnav app.

If you are still having trouble we have outlined some details of how to find our repair centre below.

Any questions please do ask we are always happy to help.

How to find SH Bodyworks when traveling from the A127 end of Pound Lane,

keep going along Pound Lane you will see the sign for the 30 MPH zone, once past the sign you will find Windsor Rd is the third turning on your right hand side  

(Now follow steps 2 and 3) found below

To find us when traveling from the A13 end of Pound Lane,

keep going along Pound Lane, you will come to a chicane (Pictured), once through, Windsor Rd is the third turning on your left hand side  

(follow steps 2 and 3) found below

2. Turn into Windsor Rd and continue follow the road for about 500 yards

3. you will see a railway sleeper flower bed to your left and directly opposite you will find our friendly staff waiting to assist.

Please do call if you need any assistance in finding us.

Click on the map to enlarge.
Or navigate to us with google or Bing
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