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Are the brakes on your vehicle squealing or noisy when used?

Have you noticed or feel like your stopping distance has increased?

It may be time to get your brakes checked.

Brake system

Your brakes are one of essential systems on your vehicle.

No matter what you use your car for, your braking system should give you the means to take on any journeys in the utmost safety.

When problems with your braking system become apparent, diagnosing the problem and getting it fixed so you can return to the road is not an easy fix. Like most parts of a vehicle the brakes are in constantly and need to be maintained on a regular basis and can be checked by one of our mechanics free of charge. Do not leave your brakes and brake system down to chance. S H Bodyworks offer a free no obligation health check on your cars braking system; we can usually do this while you wait or you are welcome to drop your vehicle off, we will update you when the check has been carried out. Do not leave this important check down to chance. S H Bodyworks & Mechanical Services can advise you on the best course of action if your brakes or brake system should need repair or replacement we offer a no obligation quote. If you would like to find out more, then please contact us on Tel: 01268 816045 Email: Or via our booking form found on our website

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