Car Body Repair in Basildon Essex.

Your local car body repair centre.

Car body repair is what we do.

Finding a good, reliable and local car body repair centre can sometimes be a daunting task, not only do you need to know your car will be repaired to the original specification, but also that you are not paying over the top prices for your car repairs.

Here at SH Bodyworks we find that our clients are not only looking at our workmanship, our price also play a big part in our customers search for their car body repairs.

By using the latest software to calculate each and every part of the repair process ( this is the same system that is used when we deal directly with insurance companies ) you can rest assure that the price we quote is as accurate as it possibly can be without dismantling all required parts first,  every part of your car’s repair will have a full breakdown, this includes all known parts that are required to complete the repair as well as the time needed to complete the work, furthermore  the price for every inch of the repair.

In some cases, we may find that your vehicle has sustained damage that our estimator could not possibly of seen on Inspection, we will, of course, update you before carrying on with the repair, if this is the case.

We feel that utilising this system, clients can see our quote is accurate, and not just a round figure that may change mid-repair.

Car body repair

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    car body repair

    SH Bodyworks and its staff take pride in every vehicle that we repair and as such we are always looking to better ourselves, not only in our body shop and car body repair capabilities but also in our customer service.

    The staff at our body repair centre are always ready to listen to our customer’s car repair needs and views and are always happy to give car repair, maintenance and upkeep advice.

    Not only are we a helpful, friendly family run company located in Basildon Essex catering for all types of car body repair, repairing damaged cars is what SH bodyworks specialise in, and we hate to see a car that has been dented scraped scratched or even a little rusty.

    The staff at our Basildon based, car body repair centre are fully trained and enthusiastic about car body repair and find great satisfaction in seeing a damaged car restored back to how it once was.

    From a simple repair like scratched paintwork to full on collision damage, our repairs team have the skill set and knowledge to fix the damage to your car quickly and diligently.

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