Renault Clio body repair – car boot & bumper repaired at our essex car bodyshop

Dented tailgate repair and colour matched paintwork

  • car body repair
  • strait on view of the repair to this vehicle.
  • Clio with dent on the rear end.
  • Car body repair

Job Description

Renault Clio body repair


Our customers Renault Clio came to our car body repair shop with a large dent on the back end (boot section); also our customers car had scratches and paint damage to the bumper of the vehicle.

Car body repair of this type is very common; it can be the fault of the cars driver or another driver that has not seen a post or another car behind them; our assessors have noticed that in most cases the driver has been parking or coming out from a parking space when the accident has happened.

These type of repairs do not take long; you could have your car repaired and back on your drive within 2-3 days; obviously this depends on the extent of the damage to the car.

Do you have this type of damage on your car? If you are interested in getting damage repaired give our bodyshop a call; we can work with your insurance company or do the necessary repairs privately.

Projects Details

  • thoroughly inspected the damage
  • prepared the car for repair
  • fixed the dent on the tailgate
  • repaired the damage to the bumper
  • prepared this vehicle for the spray booth
  • colour matched the paint
  • repaired the paintwork
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