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Old trade bike repaint

A total transformation.

Old trade bike repaint

A total transformation.

This bike was was found in an old shell oil refinery by one of our customers.

When it arrived at our car bodyshop, this bike was very rusted and in dire need of some TLC.

We started by giving this bike a good clean removing any loose rust.

Next we stripped all of this bikes parts down to its bare frame, so that we could inspect and repair any damage to the bike.  We also did this for each of the bikes parts.

After all repairs had been made it was time to prep this job ready for its repaint, and as you can see from the images this old trade bike looks amazing.

We really enjoyed the project and to see our customers disbelief when he pick this item back up from our bodyshop was an amazing feeling.

Full Car Body Repaint

This Ford Capri was fully stripped including removing the engine, sunroof, seats, carpet and headlining in preparation of its Full Car Body Repaint.

We inspected the whole car from top to bottom and welded where necessary.  Once we had double checked we had found all damaged areas and repaired them, we then started preparing the shell and panels for painting.

After all panels and the shell where finished and fully dried we started the rebuilding process: refitting the carpet, headlining, seats and engine. Each part we removed had be fully cleaned and checked for defects before the rebuild.

After all items had been fitted and the car had been polished inside and out, we could see how beautiful it was.

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Car Restoration

This car had the works - a complete car restoration


1968 MK2 Jaguar full car restoration from wheels to roof.

This car was fully stripped to its bare shell and new panels fitted, plates added to holes and welded.

It was then filled and prepped ready for paint. After that it was rebuilt, bringing it up to its former glory.

This job was done over eight years ago now.  The images you see had been taken for this site on 2nd of July 2015.   I think you will agree that eight years on from when this restoration was complete, it still looks amazing.

If you would like to find out about our car restoration service or any of our other services please do get in touch.

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